Narrow boards will better accommodate wood's

Narrow boards will better accommodate wood's expansion and contraction across a floor. The Radiant Panel Association, a trade organization for the radiant heating industry, warns against pioneering the use of a wood with little information on its dimensional stability.

As the warm water moves through the tubing network, it releases its energy and returns to the boiler system to be reheated. Radiant heat systems use a three-stage process to convey heated water to its destination. They often are used to heat small rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and entryways.

Electric systems use thin electric mats that work much like electric blankets. As early as 60 AD, the Romans discovered one way to heat an enclosed space is to introduce heat below the floor surface and let it radiate upward into the structure (see updated history) "I think buyers today are more concerned about the quality of the air inside the house," she says.

Courtesy of the Hardwood Manufacturers Association. My advice is don't freak out about the heat especially in modern high performance buildings: typically the fluid temperatures in a properly designed floor heating system when controlled properly will be lower than the temperature of your blood with the surface temperatures operating at or lower than the temperature of your skin. "The relative humidity in the ambient air determines the equilibrium moisture content of materials; the vapour pressure determines the movement of vapour."

"Dimensional changes in wood are commonly observed but are not always recognized as the inevitable consequence of moisture changes in the material." A wooden floor with UFH operated with moderate and gradual temperature changes will apply constant and even heat to the floor avoiding problems associated with localised heating." "The equilibrium moisture content of materials is almost solely dependant on relative humidity and is largely unaffected by temperature."

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