The planking that made up the flooring

The planking that made up the flooring ran at right angles to the underlying joists. French Grey Recycled Oak Timber Flooring. For the beauty of timeworn treasure, the Brushed Impressions collection combines rustic character and texture to capture the spirit of reclaimed hardwood.

I really appreciate how hard our maid worked today to clean our house, it takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. The lady who cleaned our house today did an amazing job, everything was noticeably clean. I didn't know my place could look this good...please have her come again next week!!

Working with the grain, use the damp mop and run it over the floor. Of course we suggest using distilled water for a streak-free clean! Sweep the floor with a soft-bristled broom or use a vacuum.

Do not add soap to the water, use a mop that has been wrung nearly dry and be very gentle! Rinse and clean the floor once again with the distilled water. Clear out the water in the bucket and fill it up with clean water or store-bought distilled water (recommended!).

This doesn't need to be a perfect job because you still have to rinse the floor ahead. Working quickly, start drying the floor with the mop. With a soft micro-fiber cloth, dip into the water and soap solution and spot-clean grimy areas.

Work as quickly as you can and make sure to change the water when it darkens. Mop with the grain of the wood and DO NOT soak the floor. Mop the floor using the water and soap solution.

You must broom first to get rid of large particles like sand, small rocks, or grit that may scratch your floor if caught under a mop. Using distilled water is highly recommended. If there is no smudge, then place a few drops of water on the most high traffic area of the floor.

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